A unique Easter on board

Kingston, Jamaica :: Logos Hope's crew marks Easter in isolation, to minimise risk of Coronavirus infection.

Logos Hope’s crew remembered the death and celebrated the resurrection of Jesus over the Easter weekend with the ship still closed to the public.

Activities started on Thursday evening with the ship’s community taking part in a traditional Passover meal. It was something new for many of the international crew, who agreed that it gave them greater insight into Jewish customs and the observance of the Passover they had read about in the Bible.

After a time of worship, crewmembers enjoyed the meal together and were transported back in time to reflect on the Last Supper Jesus ate with His disciples. Drawing on the rich variety of the onboard community, knowledge was shared about the significance of the food elements and their symbolism in relation to Christ.

Crew kept the OM Ships tradition of holding a Good Friday service, with modifications to the format to maintain ‘social distancing’ to guard the health of all on board. A dramatic re-enactment of the events surrounding Jesus’ death was performed. Tae-Hee Um (South Korea), one of the creators of the drama, explained how it came together:

“The play was performed last year, in less detail. I was serving short-term on the ship then, and I discussed with another crewmember how we could really get the ship’s community involved; to stage a powerful play where they really felt like they were the ones who crucified Jesus,” he said.

The production, two weeks in the making, saw 30 people devise an interactive and impactful experience for the rest of their shipmates. Participants reimagined the last moments of Jesus before he rose again by writing down areas they felt they needed forgiveness for in their lives, and physically nailing their notes to a cross.

The dramatisation moved many to tears, with crew saying the experience was powerful – even 'heartbreaking' – to reflect on as they turned to God afresh.

Easter activities culminated in a dawn Sunday service on the open top deck of the vessel as the sun rose over Kingston. The atmosphere changed from sombre remembrance of death to a joyful celebration of Christ’s resurrection. While limited for the time being in sharing the good news beyond the ship (in accordance with Coronavirus preventative measures) the Logos Hope community was strengthened and renewed – individualy and corporately – as they celebrated the life-changing gospel that is the bedrock of their faith and the basis for their service.

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