Heavy fighting broke out in Sudan on 15 April 2023, devastating many residential areas and causing a critical lack of food, water and medical care for people in affected areas.

A forgotten war

OM is continuing to support Jesus followers in Sudan as they share Jesus’ love in word and action amid a continuing humanitarian crisis.

Sudan has experienced various regional conflicts over the past 30 years, but a power struggle between warring armies erupted without warning in the capital city on 15 April 2023 and has spread throughout the country. Latest figures** put the number of internally displaced people at 6.5 million, with around 1.76 million more having fled beyond Sudan’s borders. 

Those living in Sudan have seen their businesses and livelihoods become casualties of war. Prices have also risen and food, clean water and medicine are in short supply, and schools are closed. Jesus followers in the country are facing the same challenges as everyone else, but amid these difficulties they are seeing unprecedented openness to the gospel and amazing fruit from their ministry. People are opening their homes to others, ministering willingly in traumatising situations and remaining faithful amid the fear. 

A* has found opportunities to spread the gospel in his current circumstances. He said, “My house is full of Muslim families who had to flee the capital and are seeking refuge at my place. I have opportunities for the gospel and open hearts like never before. There is no way I am going anywhere else right now!” 

The fighting has led to much population movement within the country, bringing previously unreached people groups into contact with Jesus followers for the first time. In September 2023, eight unreached tribes were identified in the country; all of them remote, difficult to reach and hostile towards outsiders and to the gospel. So far, people from three of those tribes have accepted Jesus. 

Funding Impact Info 

Give now and make an impact!

Your support, both in prayer and giving, is crucial at this time. A financial gift of $25 (£20) could help cover basic living costs for local believers and fund small-scale personal relief ministry among neighbours. 

We are also funding agricultural projects in areas where fighting is less intense. In 2023, three fields were rented to allow our brothers and sisters to plant corn. The harvest was mainly sold, with some distributed among those in need. In 2024 we need $30,000 (£24,000) to expand this project and try to mitigate the predicted famine. The farms are providing opportunities to share Christ with labourers and to disciple new believers. 

* name changed 

** United Nations, 9th April 2024 – 

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