OM Australia's goal is to challenge, motivate and equip people to serve around the world. OM Australia also has ministry to people of other faiths and backgrounds.TeenStreet Australia will commence in 2009

OM Australia
"Transforming lives and communities”

State of the church and missions

According to the latest statistics Church attendance is down 48% but this statistic does not paint a true picture of what is happening in the churches across Australia. At OM Australia are working with churches to grow their mission focus. There is a long way to go but there are some really exciting things happening and Churches are growing.

Operation Mobilisation started in Australia in the late 1970s after a visit from the MV Logos. The head office was in the home of Don and Mavis Adams in Brisbane. When the TAS/VIC State rep Richard Beaumont was appointed National Field Leader in 1989 the head office moved to Melbourne. For the next ten years OM became firmly established in Australia. Program Director from the MV Logos II, Jonathan Rodwell was appointed in 2002 after a three year caretaker team managed the organisation. After 10 years in the role, Jonathan passed on the baton to former Youth Pastor, Noddy Sharma, in 2012. We are proud to be an important part of OM’s worldwide mission by offering training, finances and workers to fields all around the world.

What we do

We are a resourcing country and love serving the world to grow God’s Kingdom.

We are a team who love working together and are passionate about helping people find their fit in world mission.

Loving our neighbours, the next generation, church partnership, relief development and justice.  

How you can get involved:

PRAY: Pray for our under supported workers around the world and that God would be glorified and in all that we do. (


GO: (link to specific opportunities in your country/area)

Contact info: Contact us at  for more info.

More information about Australia (text box)

o   Population: 23.762 million

o   State of economy: Economic growth is up 2.5%. Unemployment rate is 5.9%. Average weekly earnings $1,137. Average price of residential dwelling $605. $1 Aussie dollar is .7306 USD.

o   Religious make up: 61% Christian

  Personality of the culture/people: Australia is essentially a western culture. We are diverse in nationalities. We are people who are (mostly) easy going. We are very willing to lend a helping hand – especially in times of disaster.

o   Spiritual needs: The spiritual needs of Australians are great. Many people are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives.

Our Stories

OM Ships :: Frances Win (Australia) shows her Australian flag while wearing the Burmese traditional costume as she grew up in Myanmar (previous Burma) but moved with her family to Australia when she was in he 20s and considers herself Australian.
With a desire to share the hope people can find in Jesus Christ with others, Frances joined Logos Hope in September 2021 in Nassau, The Bahamas, with a one-year commitment. 
In their mid-sixties Kiwis Pam and Alan retired. Sort of. “You don’t retire and suddenly that’s it,” Alan explained. “You just continue on involved in the Kingdom but with some changes.” Pictured is Pam helping teach English in Cambodia. Photo submitted b
In their mid-sixties, Kiwis Pam and Alan retired. Sort of. “You don’t retire and suddenly that’s it,” Alan explained. “You just continue on involved in the Kingdom but with some changes.”